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Introducing $YFM

The platform will integrate multiple products for users to conduct financial activities.

What we are offering / What we will offer

It is an exchange token that can process transactions and value transfers.

YearnFinance Mission — Earn:

Asset management module, the first asset proof mining, with asset pledge, liquidity mining, and issuance of collateralized stable coins.

Farm: Allows holders to pool their assets to LP, and get YFM as rewards.

Stake: Allows holders to stake tokens by using $YFM, high APY, High profits.

YearnFinance Mission — Deposits & Borrow (no longer available)

Users can deposit their tokens in the pool, and borrow 40%-70% of the deposits funds. Meanwhile, users can earn $YFM as a reward for using the protocol

YearnFinance Mission — Vote

As YFM holders, you have the rights to vote, to make decisions.

YearnFinance Mission — Vault

It’s an automates yield farming protocol. It will allocate holders funds to the current agreement with the highest revenue, to max their profit.

YearnFinance Mission —Wrapper

It’s a cross-chain module for fast, low-friction implementation of the bi-directional or multi-directional conversion of BTC, ETH, IPFS, TRX and others.


Planning and development (DONE)

Internal Smart (DONE)

Marketing campaign (to be continued)

AMA Session (DONE)

Private & Public Presale (LIVE)

Uniswap listing

Open pools for staking & farming.

Exchange Listing

Vault will be opened in 2 weeks

Q1 2021 to Q2 2021

Develop Wrapper

Develop the newest mobile protocols

Develop crypto payment system

Private sale Event

Presale: 6,250 YFM

Time: Ends Nov.3rd

Presale will be hosted on

Pool ID: 4219

Learn more about us:




YFE Twitter: Yfe_fund